Arm Cylinder for Excavator Hydraulic Cylinder Bucket Cylinder



Introducing the state-of-the-art arm cylinder for excavator hydraulic cylinder bucket cylinder. A marvel of modern engineering, this product is the epitome of efficiency and durability. This brand-new arm cylinder guarantees optimum performance for your construction work. It is ISO9001:2008 certified, affirming its high quality and adherence to international standards. The arm cylinder is made from robust 20#/45# steel, ensuring its longevity and resistance against wear and tear. The seal of the arm cylinder is hallite, a brand known for its high-quality sealing solutions, providing excellent sealing performance and reducing the risk of leakage.

Understanding our product’s functionality is key to maximizing its efficiency and lifespan. This arm cylinder operates under a hydraulic power system, offering a smooth and powerful operation. It has a working pressure of 7Mpa-21Mpa, providing the necessary force to carry out heavy-duty tasks. The structure of the arm cylinder is a piston cylinder, a design that offers reliable and efficient performance. Furthermore, the product comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that we have you covered in the unlikely event of any issues. It’s also worth noting that the product is customizable, with the color available upon the client’s request. This feature allows you to match the arm cylinder with your existing machinery, ensuring a cohesive look.

EVER-POWER’s commitment to quality and top-tier service is embodied in every product we produce, and the arm cylinder for excavator hydraulic cylinder bucket cylinder is no exception. We prioritize our customers’ needs, providing online support even after the warranty period. Our products are the result of nearly two decades of dedicated manufacturing and continuous innovation. As such, we urge you to explore the benefits of our arm cylinder, which has been a hot product since 2019, and make a purchase today to experience its unmatched performance and reliability. With EVER-POWER, you’re investing in durable and efficient machinery that will significantly contribute to your construction works’ success.

Our arm cylinder is a standard product designed for use in excavators, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the construction industry. Our product comes packaged securely, using iron, wooden cases, or plastic films according to your requirements to ensure its safe transportation and delivery. We are proud to ship our products from Qingdao, providing a seamless delivery process to our valued customers.


Q1: What is the warranty period for the arm cylinder?
A1: The arm cylinder comes with a one-year warranty for core components.

Q2: What material is the arm cylinder made of?
A2: The arm cylinder is made of robust 20#/45# steel, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Q3: Can I customize the color of the arm cylinder?
A3: Yes, the color of the arm cylinder can be customized according to the client’s request.


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